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Imagine what difference it makes when you’re faced with something you already know and have practiced!! I started doing research, first I collected all the questions that were asked to me, then I scoured the libraries and books and found all important common VLSI interview questions, digital design interview questions, verilog interview questions, static timing analysis interview questions, logic design interview questions, ASIC interview questions, fpga interview questions and I got answers to all those questions.

Later I asked all my friends and all my colleagues who were working in the VLSI design field doing ASIC design, static timing analysis, CMOS circuit design and who themselves were interviewers, for frequently asked questions and found out definitive answers to all those questions. That’s how I came up with the set of questions and answers that you’ll find here.

By then I had already secured exactly the type of job I was looking for. I gave this set of questions to my friends who were searching for job, and all of them found it extremely useful. They recommended me that I make this available to general public, that’s when I decided to make it available here. And now you can get full access to the same set of questions with answers.

But what about the questions that are available on the Internet for free? Why should I pay for it? Well my friend, would you leave something as important as a job interview to the chance? In such a bad economy? I agree, it’s possible to find some good information for free on Internet.

But most of the information on Internet is scattered, unorganized, outdated and not structured to be of value to someone like you. At times it could be outright wrong!! You’ve to make sure you get your information from a trusted, proven and very serious resource.

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You see, it is very important to have enough confidence in yourself while interviewing. By far confidence matters equally (if not more than) to the knowledge you posses. If you can confidently present yourself in the interview, you’ll very much impress your interviewer. So the question is how do you get that confidence ?

Imagine if you’ve done proper preparation and if you’ve gone through those tricky questions and know answers to them!! You’ll carry much more confidence with you that will immensely boost your chances of success at your interview.

How many times do we overlook the basics!! Especially if you have been working long enough at one place. These carefully selected questions brushes up on your basics knowledge about digital VLSI design. You’ll have your basics covered by the interview time with VLSI interview question.

Not only you get answers to important questions, but the document also explain how to go about tackling some of the trickiest questions. You’ll get to practice on important questions which in turn will flex your mental muscle and prepare you for the grueling of the interviews.

Here are some sample questions that have been discussed in the question answer set:

  • Everything you need to know about synchronous v/s asynchronous resets
  • Complete details about asynchronous FIFO operation and gray codes.
  • What is the difference between inertial and transport delays in Verilog?
  • What is ITD, inverted temperature dependence?
  • Make an XOR gate using 2 to 1 MUX.
  • What does the setup time of a flip-flop depend upon?
  • Come up with logic that counts number of ‘1’s in a 7 bit wide vector. You can only use combinational logic.
  • How does a substrate bias on a MOS transistor affect Vt?
  • Divide a clock by 3.
  • You have an input vector where on subsequent clock cycles you get a1,a2,a3,a4 values. You need to output a1,a1+a2,a1+a2+a3 on subsequent clock edges. You’re given a black box which adds two input vectors and generates one output. Assume black box output latency(input to output delay) is two clock cycle. Design this circuit.

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